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Marconi Pharmaceutical Software Solutions LogoWe specialise in software development and implementation for the Retail Pharmacy environment, Postal Service Delivery Pharmacies, Patient management software, Business Intelligence Reporting Software and related services.

Our Pharmaceutical Software Products:

  • Marconi POS
  • Marconi In-Store
  • Marconi Head Office

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Marconi Software Solutions is an industry leading pharmaceutical software company, and offers software, hardware and support to the Pharmacy and Retail Industry. We have a dedicated, in-house software development team, which means we are flexible and quick to respond to development requirements.

The Marconi Pharmacy Software suite consists of Central and/or Distributed Patient Management Solution. It offers  a unique solution for the chronic repeat patient management that is revolutionising the industry. Making use of over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical IT space, we have developed a world class application that provides solutions that the industry needs. The development of the product is driven by the needs of the customer to be able to offer the best possible care to their patients.

The Marconi Retail Software Suite consists of Marconi POS, Marconi In-Store and Marconi Head Office.

We have designed our retail pharmacy POS to be Resilient. In the event of a network, or server failure, the POS units continue autonomously, queuing data for upload, once the connection is restored. This means you keep trading.

Marconi In-Store offers a comprehensive in-store management solution, allowing you to manage your stock, accounts, cash office and more.

Marconi Head Office allows the creation of master data to take place centrally and be distributed to multiple branches. Trading data from the branches is pushed to the central server near real-time creating a consolidated view of your company’s trading, allowing you to make decisions on real, current data.

Marconi has been specifically designed to run on the Ubuntu Linux Operating System. Ubuntu is a rich and powerful operating system with unparalleled stability and security. Ubuntu is ‘Virus Free’ with a low cost of ownership.


We have highlighted a few of the features available inside Marconi Pharmaceutical Software. If you would like to see more or find out how we can help you, please contact us here.

Marconi : CRM

Chronic Repeat Management (CRM) empowers pharmacies to proactively manage chronic patients to improve medication compliance and persistence.

Marconi Pharmaceutical Software - CRM

Marconi : RFM

Group Pharmacy Request For Medication (RFM) Tracking designed to manage requests for medication within the retail and courier pharmacy environments.

Marconi Pharmaceutical Software - RFM management


Marconi : Dispensing

Our Intuitive Pharmaceutical Software User Interface has been designed around the unique needs of fast-paced retail pharmacy environments ensuring minimal keystrokes and additional information access “by exception”

Marconi Pharmaceutical Software - Dispensing management


Value Added Services

We offer a variety of  Value Added Services in the Pharmaceutical Retail and Manufacturing sectors:

  • Managed Healthcare Solutions,
  • Designated Service Provider Network (Patient Choice Pharmacy Network) and
  • Software Development

Please contact us to discuss your software & service requirements and to tailor a solution to serve your needs.

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