About DiverseIT

The DiverseIT group

is an independent group of companies operating in the global pharmaceutical space that supply a wide range of products and services including;

  • Value Added Services in the Pharmaceutical Retail and Manufacturing sectors,
  • Managed Healthcare Solutions,
  • Designated Service Provider Network (Patient Choice Pharmacy Network)
  • Outbound Call Centre for management of Chronic Patients,
  • Software Development and
  • IT and Pharmaceutical Industry Consulting Services.

PMarconi Softwareharmaceutical Software

With 30 years experience in providing industry applications to the retail pharmacy market, Marconi continues to developed next generation offerings driven by innovation.  Learn more

Marconi Pharmaceutical Software Solutions

Marconi software is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Diverse-IT business group, and has developed a framework that can be used to quickly develop and deploy applications tailored for use in pharmaceutical industry. Learn More

We provide the following platforms that will be leveraged in the deployment of the solution:

  • Marconi Software Suite       (Retail management application)
  • Marconi RFM                            (Request for medication and process management application)
  • CRM application                     (Management of Chronic Repeat Patients),
  • Script Scan                               (Document imaging solution)
  • e-Scripting Platform.

Marconi can also provide development resources to enhance or customize the existing Marconi application suite to your requirements, and provide implementation services for the deployment of the technology and applications.

The Marconi suite of software is comprised of a number of integrate modules designed to streamline your operation –
Healthcare – Dispensing, CRM and RFM
Customer – Debtor Accounts
Creditors – Accounts Payable, Purchasing
Stock – Inventory Management
Reporting – Operational Reporting

Please contact us to discuss your pharmaceutical software requirements and to tailor a solution to serve your needs.

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