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DiverseIT acquires Scriptpharm

DiverseIT acquired Scriptpharm in Oct 2015. Scriptpharm is a Managed Care Organisation  (MCO) accredited by the Council for Medical Schemes to perform the following services to South African registered Medical Schemes and their members/beneficiaries: Chronic Medicine Authorisations Provider network management services Scriptpharm are responsible for the chronic management of patients […]


DiverseIT acquires Medinox

DiverseIT acquires Medinox

DiverseIT recently acquired Medinox. Medinox is a surgical supply business that services pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, clinics as well as other retailers and medical specialists. Medinox prides itself on having launched its own registered brand, mx® in 2009. mx® is a range of health-related products that offer superior quality at affordable prices. Some […]

DiverseIT Acquisition

Announced 05/12/09 12.00M for DiverseIT Technology (Proprietary) Limited Merger/Acquisition   Management Members entered into a sale of shares agreement to acquire remaining 51% stake in DiverseIT Technology (Proprietary) Limited from UCS Group Ltd. (JSE: UCS) for approximately ZAR 11.7 million on May 12, 2009. The consideration includes payment of ZAR […]

UCS Group

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DiverseIT Buyback

Announced 06/1/09 7.00M for UCS Group Ltd. Buyback   UCS Group Ltd. (JSE:UCS) announced a specific share repurchase plan on June 1, 2009. Under the plan, the company will repurchase up to 4,837,944 shares, at a price of ZAR 1.5 per share, at an aggregate cost of ZAR 7.26 million, […]