DiverseIT is the holding company for a number of underlying trading businesses in the Healthcare and Retail trading environment.

DiverseIT is comprised of two distinct business units;
Manufacturing and Distribution
Information Technology

Our range of services include:

Innovative Pharmaceutical Software

  • Courier and Compliance management Software
  • Formulary and Inventory Management
  • Development of Innovative Software Products for Retail and Courier Pharmacies.

Pharmacy Value Added Services

  • Consulting services to the pharmacy retail and manufacturing sectors
  • Pharmaceutical Industry Risk Management service
  • Chronic Repeat Management Solutions
  • Pre-printed Labels, Stationery and Supplies (National Distribution)
  • Patient Choice Pharmacy Network
  • Surgical Supplies and Health Related Products

Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Business Intelligence Modelling and Consulting Services using Qlikview®
  • Data Mining and Predictive Modelling gaining unprecedented insight from your data with IBM® SPSS® Modeller

Our Businesses